⋅How long is the warranty for our product?

→All our lighting comes with 6 months warranty or up to 1 year warranty for selected design (etc; safety-marked)
→Warranty does not include on-site.

⋅Is there a charges for delivery?

→Yes. For customer purchases of below $500 and you need it to be deliver, there will be a delivery fee of $20-30 depend on location.
→Free delivery for minimum purchases of $500.
→We apologise that we do not do international delivery at the moment.

⋅Do our product price include installation services?

→Sorry, our price does not include installation services. Currently we do not have in-houseinstaller, but fear not as we can recommend you external contractor that does installation. The charges are as below written.
→Installation of Light: 1st light $40, subsequently $10 each. Price for crystal chandelier may vary.
→Installation of Fan: $50 each.

What is LED?
LED Lights – Are light emitting diodes

What is the LIFESPAN of LED?
LED lighting – lasts on average of 20,500 hours before needing to be replaced.

LED light bulbs use about half the wattage of fluorescent lighting, about 6 watts of power versus 14 watts of power for a CFL light bulb. As far as energy efficiency goes, LED light bulbs are about 5 times more efficient than fluorescent lighting.

What is the Difference between LED, CFL and and fluorescent bulbs?
LED technology costs more than CFL and fluorescent lighting BUT CFLs and fluorescent bulbs do contain small amounts of mercury that can be poisonous if the bulb is broken. LEDs do not contain mercury or harmful gases. LED bulbs are also more durable than fluorescent bulbs due to their compact size and replacement is minimal compared to the constant replacement with Fluorescent Lights.


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